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Are you a young entrepreneur working to start or grow your business? ImagineNations Network connects you with people, information, and organizations to help you accomplish your goals and achieve business success.


Why Join ImagineNations Network?

Find People or Groups with Similar Interests
Connect with people or groups in your area or other countries to share ideas, learn and support each other.

Find Mentors to Help You Grow Your Business
When faced with the many challenges of starting and growing a small business, a business mentor can offer experience and expertise to help you achieve your busines goals.

Get Answers and Resources
Get answers to your business questions and access helpful articles and tools to help launch or expand your business.

Join as a Supporter

Be the link to business success for small business owners around the world. With ImagineNations Network you can share your unique skills and expertise to make an impact locally and globally without ever leaving your computer.


Why Get Involved with ImagineNations Network?

Make an Impact
Work with a diverse group of entrepreneurs to build their businesses, creating long-term, sustainable economic impacts in communities worldwide.

Save Time
The ImagineNations Network helps busy business owners and professionals find convenient and rewarding opportunities to support small business ownwers around the world. You can mentor an entrepreneur over email or the phone, or simply answer questions and offer advice.

Cultivate Your Skills
Tackle new challenges and sharpen your mentoring and advising skills. With the ImagineNations Network you'll have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs across a range of industries and topics, from business basics to specialized industry knowledge.

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About ImagineNations Network

ImagineNations Network empowers emerging entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with help from supporters around the world.
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Founding Partners

ImagineNations Network Mercy Corps


ImagineNations Network is built on a growing web of partners who are committed to addressing the challenge of global youth employment. is committed to serving the needs of its partners and helping them realize their full potential is central to that mission. believes its advantage shines through the success of its partners.
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A Platform for the E-Mentor Corps

E-Mentor Corps
E-Mentor Corps is an initiative from the Global Entrepreneurship Program at the U.S. Department of State, connecting mentors with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.
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