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Together 4 Peace

We all are trying to know one another, and recognize the common ground between us. We all have a common denominator and the numerator is only which is different – if I can use a mathematical example - . I truly believe there is no hope that mankind will achieve peace unless people work to find a balance between the west `s mind and…


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Entrepreneurship in Islam

Islam is a complete way of life. There is no separation between business and religion. Islam has its own entrepreneurship culture and guiding principles based on the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith to guide business operation. The aim of the group is to highlight the guiding principles of entrepreneurship in Islam, especially in the Arab heritage,…

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Social Business Models

This group takes as its benchmark the social business system design and community building processes advocated by Muhammad Yunus. This has emerged as Bangladesh's microeconomics solution for sustainability solutions and job creation. We are interested in connecting partnerships round the goals for the 2010s set out in Dr Yunus new book…

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Structured Financing Services

At Knight Investments LLC we strive to offer the following services at superb levels: - Infrastructure Development (Company Documents, Protocols, Articles, Operations Handbook, et cetera) - Joint Venture Negotiations - Real Estate Consultation - Strategic Corporate Public Relations - International Trade Structuring (Exempted…

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Microfinance Support Group

The Microfinance Support Group is focuses on microfinance, microcredit and anti poverty schemes around the world.

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Barrie Atuona

Barrie Atuona

Abuja, Nigeria




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