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Kogelo Gallamoro Group(KGG)

Hi Members of the Jury! First and foremost may I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a born again Christian and I love the Lord. Hope everybody still remembers how the Obama euphoria carried us away! Needless to mention, I come from that sleeping village - the ancestral home of the US President, Barrack H. Obama. This area needs to be developed in terms of Hotel, Tourism & Industry, Girl Child, Orphand and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs), Old-Age, Youth Empowerment through Income Generating Activities (IGAs), among others. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream.... and I would like those who share this dream with me to join hands and work with me towards realizing the dream(s)!!! Imagine when our son Barrack H. Obama completes his term as the President of USA and that village called Kogelo Nyang'oma is still in the slumber!!? We shall be the laughing stock and these should not happen at all! My dream is to see the day that this sleeping village and its environs becomes an icon not only in Kenya but the whole Africa! This requires a team work and that's why am inviting you to join Kogelo Gallamoro Group (KGG). Without blowing my own trumpet, I am a household name - especially after acting as the main character in the Blockbuster, "Rise & Fall Of Idi Amin","Mississippi Masala" as Idi Amin,"Sheana Queen Of the Jungle" as Police Officer,"The Black Forest Clinic" as General, "The Captain of Nacara" as Bishop Elijah, among others. Welcome on board with your suggestions on how we can succeed in building Western Kenya. For more information, you can just google my name or Login; Wishing you all the best and looking forward to working with you in this noble venture Yours Truly Joseph Olita alias Idi Amin Dada Chairman - KGG Mobile: +254 727 930 059

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