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Kazeem Abdulfatai

Kazeem Abdulfatai E

Industry: Export/Import
Kaduna, Nigeria

Yusuf Abdulfatai

Yusuf Abdulfatai E

Industry: Auto Repair/Mechanic
Offa, Nigeria

Adebiyi Abdulhakeem Adewole

Adebiyi Abdulhakeem Adewole E

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
Ikorodu, Nigeria

Ibrahim Khaleel Abdulkadir

Ibrahim Khaleel Abdulkadir E

Industry: Agriculture/Farming/Ranching/Dairy
Wudil., Nigeria

Jamila Abdulkadir

Jamila Abdulkadir E

Industry: Fashion/Clothing/Accessories
Abuja, Nigeria

Idris  Abdulkadir Dangana

Idris Abdulkadir Dangana E

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
kano, Nigeria

Talal Abdulkareem

Talal Abdulkareem S

Industry: Agriculture/Farming/Ranching/Dairy
Baghdad, Iraq

afeef abdulla

afeef abdulla E

Industry: Export/Import
Addu, Maldives



Industry: Photography/Audio/Video Services
Peshawar, Pakistan

abdullah abdullah

abdullah abdullah E

Industry: Business Consulting/Coaching
Beriut, Yemen

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