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Ahmed A

Ahmed A E

Industry: Education/Training
Cairo, Egypt

Joseph A

Joseph A E

Industry: Education/Training
New Haven, United States

m A

m A E

Industry: Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Nairobi, Kazakhstan

Sakib A

Sakib A E

Industry: Travel/Tourism/Hospitality/Leisure
Sringar, India

muhammad a rao

muhammad a rao E

Industry: Education/Training
doha, Qatar

HR Mentorship: A solution for Minority Small Businesses

HR Mentorship: A solution for Minority Small Businesses S

Industry: Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Orlando, United States

Sammo A.

Sammo A. E

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
Lagos, Nigeria

mustapha A. Fatai

mustapha A. Fatai E

Industry: Media/Pubilshing
lagos, Nigeria

Osama A. Rahman

Osama A. Rahman E

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
El-Hawamdia, Egypt

Bastian  A. Saputra

Bastian A. Saputra S

Industry: Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Bandung, Indonesia

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S  =  Supporter
  • 1. Nigeria
    chidi joined the network 3 hours ago
  • 2. Pakistan
    faisal zaman posted a question 2 hours ago
  • 3. Kenya
    jacqueline added a mentoring request 1 hour ago
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Kone Seagal

Kone Seagal

Paphos, Cyprus

faisal zaman M.zaman

faisal zaman M.zaman

dala zak road peshawar town momin house no.b-77, Pakistan

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