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Q. how can i make briquettes from rice husk, there is a lot in my state and i would like to make it economically viable. also apart from…

1 answer | 3 weeks ago



Industry: Agriculture/Farming/Ranching/Dairy
ABUJA, Nigeria


Karen Doyle Grossman

Karen Doyle Grossman S

Industry: Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Reston, United States

Hi - Take a look at this article and perhaps you can contact these 2 students who are winning business plan competitions for a rice husk fuel briquette business:  Also, I found that Opean Energy in the UK purchases rice husk briquettes and maybe they can tell you more; contact info below.  Good luck!


Opean Energy First namesales Last namedepartment Phone+442071934431 Townlondon CountryUnited Kingdom

1 week ago

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