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Q. Anyone is getting value from this network?

Dear friends,

Please share your success in getting help  from this network.  I shall admit, my attempt to find a mentor for edutainment start-up has failed.


Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov

Saing Petersburg, Russia

4 answers | 3 weeks ago

Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov

Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov E

Industry: Entertainment/Recreation/Events
Saint Petersburg, Russia




Industry: Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Moscow, Russia

I have had almost the same question, and my own answer for myself is: 1) If I'm not mistaken, they have less than one year of development of this web-community and 2) It's not a focused priority of this project to "getting value", only just some "information, education, organizational, legal, financial advise (+internal evaluation of users and our needs), etc.... 3) As for ready business plans and Requests for Proposals about financing matters, I think - it's a question to "Funding Partners" - MERCY Corps and its affiliates...

2 weeks ago

chris macrae

chris macrae S

Industry: Other
bethesda, United States

After 15 years on the internet, I have a concept of warp time- you ought not judge success by immediacy of answer. For example I had been worndering whether I could volunteer to help you with your request but decided it was specific- it sounded as if you wanted to be directly connected with a successful edutainment operator. Also your region has some specific characteristiics.  I will slowly ask around but its the nature of the web that not everyone one knows is going to have time to answer. For example about 5 yrears ago I talked to about 300 people in Ukraine on the challenges of brand leadership in a responsible way. I need to see if I can get back in touch with the conference organiser and persuade him it would be good for his network to find someone and try and get them to spend time joining in. As a previous respondednt stated, this would be easier io more people knew about participatiing in this new community. I am absolutely confident that this network must grow in time. My father was a leading journalist on entrepreneurship at The Economist, and I prefer this virtual community to any I know

1 week ago

Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov

Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov E

Industry: Entertainment/Recreation/Events
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  Good to know, that there is some traction in this network. 

Warmest regards from Saint Pete,

Alexander (Sasha) Bryukhanov

1 week ago

Nabil Shalaby

Nabil Shalaby S

Industry: Business Consulting/Coaching
Mansoura, Egypt

I suggest joining this group , which is specialized in edutainment

Wish you all the best

2 days ago

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