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Q. How can Imagine Network help me growing business at a global level, like getting business from the international client?

I want to get affiliations from the companies of the international repute and get work from outside client as well,thereby, creating an ample job opportunities in Kashmir.

Category: Technology and Internet

Location: India

2 answers | 1 month ago

Gowhar Rashid

Gowhar Rashid 

Srinagar, India


Tariq Ahmad

Tariq Ahmad S

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
Srinagar, India

First let other people know your Business. How is it possible. Ask GN for website Developement for ur Business and get Global and use E-commerce technologies

1 month ago

Nikolas Beisert

Nikolas Beisert ES

Industry: Waste Management/Recycling
Boston, United States

INN is a powerful networking and collaboration tool- it can help you build contacts across the world. I suggest you do some mentor searches in the country that you are looking to develop contacts in and find people within your relevant industry in those countries (you can filter by country and industry). Send them a nice message and see if you can make some connections.

1 week ago

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