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Q. I designed the website: and I want to know how I can market it for Materials, Methods and Services in the…

I want a mentor in US who can cooperate with me on the project.

3 answers | on 5/1/12

Akin Oluyomi

Akin Oluyomi E

Industry: Architecture/Interior Design


Ephrem Abraha

Ephrem Abraha E

Industry: Computer Services/Information Technology
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

You just did. All you need to do is use everything you got to advertise it. If possible print the domain name on your T-Shirt, talk about your website to people. And mail to everyone you know, saying "check this out:" and ask them to reshare it to all the people they know, asking other to do the same. Out of ten people, one may like it, out of ten who likes it, one may reshare it to another 500 people, and then the website will end up famous.

I got a comment for you. Do not ever think that people are not going to get addicted to your website. Just make sure it is useful and keep updating things on it. For example, I clicked on twitter, linked in, etc pages. It doesn't even work. Guess what I will not check your website again, as a normal visitor. If someone gets in and that someone is archtect interested person, he/she should like the website and tell others about it. Believe me, if your website is good, and with good informationa, it will sell. I also clicked on the first sponsored link, it was som registered domain address. Your site should be real. Ps> keep posting on facebook, twitter, etc, so that people see things on these social networking sites and they really like your postings and they believe this is worth following.

Mark did the same for facebook. He just send e-mail to people at Harvard once, few years later 500,000,000 people were members, not because he did good marketing. It was because he constantly cared improved the website for people, still is improving, so that it is never boring.

Ephrem T. Abraha

MD, Hexagon Computer Systems

on 18/2/12

ali habib

ali habib 

saudia arabia, Saudi Arabia

emaginions natwerk users [email protected]

on 21/2/12

Humza Mir

Humza Mir 

Islamabad, Pakistan

Sounds awesome mate I hope your website works out wonderfully:) You should gain some knowledge about internet marketing because this is a field which requires a little bit of understanding about how to rank in search engines as well as market your website to people. If you would like I could help you out mate just let me know

4 days ago

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Avembeh Michael

Avembeh Michael

Lagos, Nigeria

ola  mudathir

ola mudathir

lagos, Nigeria

Mohammed Saber

Mohammed Saber

Egypt, Egypt

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