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Q. i wanted to start a trading business pl help me in fmcg products.

wanted to start a trading business needs guidelines how to start the business.

1 answer | 1 month ago

akbar siddique

akbar siddique E

Industry: Food Products/Grocery
faisalabad, Pakistan


Athar Ali  Khan

Athar Ali Khan 

Islamabad, Pakistan

-        Manufacture Energy Saver of Street Lights.                                                                             


       WETS consulting are semi-autonomous subsidiary setup by WETS under R&D Directorate to create ARPA-E-OPEN Industry linkage through undertaking consultancy services with the external agencies.


Since the fuel price explosion in the mid-nineties, energy conservation has become important in the design of Energy Saver Street Light. The annual running cost of a city streets lighting and electrical power system can be quite significant and can result in high overheads in any business. To counteract this, engineers and architects should be aware of energy conservation methods and control systems used in the city services industry to reduce cooling bills and annual electricity costs.


Power Management System:


One of the best energy conservation methods is to ensure that the energy is only used during the times when it is required.  An Intelligent Power Management System not only reduces the amount of wiring but also the cost of installation & maintenance.


In view of the above WETS consulting have done efforts to resolve this issue effectively. We are introducing Power Management System with the following features:


Energy Saver Street Light reduces installation costs by 75%                                              Energy Saver Street Light consumes 75% less electricity then the ordinary street lights Ordinary street light 400Watt 4 lights 1600Watts surrounding light. Energy Saver Street Light needs only 400Watts surrounding light. It can be Economical due less consumption of electricity. Low cost over product life cycle. Better power factor of each Energy Saver Street Lights.



                                                                                                      Athar Ali khan,


                                                                               Worldwide Energy & Technology Solution


                                                                                              [email protected]

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