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Q. Pls folks, i love farming so much but i need a mentor that can show me how to source for funds and equipments in order to achive my…

1 answer | on 3/6/13

Joseph Idowu

Joseph Idowu E

Industry: Agriculture / Farming / Ranching / Dairy
Lagos, Nigeria


Nahum Ben Binyamin

Nahum Ben Binyamin S

Industry: Business Consulting / Coaching
Modiin, Israel

Dear Joseph,

If you need a mentor, the best way is to post a mentoring request on the tab at the top of the page.

But here are some quick suggestion that can get you started in the meantime:

1. Build a basic business plan (you can later work on it with your mentor):

1.1 what do you intend to do on your farm?

1.2 What do you need for that as initial investment and what on the on-going?

1.3 How much can you earn from your goods?

1.4 What about competition?

Those are some basic questions that can guide you in building your business plan.

After you’ll have one you can start raising funds. Without it, it is almost impossible. Since no one will give you money if you can not show a clear plan what are you going to do with it and way it will work (financially point of view).

Once you’ll have your plan you can raise money from local banks/funds.

Another source for money is UN funds.

And another great source is crowdfunding (check Kiva and Kickstarter)


Wishing you success.



2 weeks ago

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Anne Wambui Kuria

Anne Wambui Kuria

Nairobi, Kenya

Raul Sanchez

Raul Sanchez

Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Spain

Noor Alshihab

Noor Alshihab

Babylon, Iraq

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