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Q. What can be done to prevent stress caused by recommendation to reach certain goals

leading to suicide as it is the case in France Telecom?

1 answer | 6 days ago

Thiam Cheikh Omar Tidiane

Thiam Cheikh Omar Tidiane S

Industry: Education/Training
Dakar, Senegal


Seth Burstein

Seth Burstein E

Industry: Entertainment/Recreation/Events
Boston, United States

This is an interesting question.  It all depends who is making the goals.  If they are self imposed goals, then relaxing the goals and making them more realistic is certainly a way to reduce stress. 


If they are externally imposed goals, I would say try to have clear and open communication with the person that is setting the goals.  Breaking larger goals down into smaller milestones, with corresponding dates of completion, is a way to make sure that you are on track to achieve your goals.  In this case, if you fall behind, you can increase your efforts to get back on track.  If this fails, it also give you the opportunity to effectively communicate with the person setting the goals, to keep them informed of your progress and to reassess the goals if necessary.


If you are working hard towards achieving your goals and there are external forces that are preventing you from succeeding, the person setting the goals (whether it be you or someone else), should take a step back, reassess and make sure the original goals are realistic and appropriate for the current circumstance.

2 days ago

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