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Green Business & Sustainability

Start a Green Business

If your business is selling green (environmental) products, read this article for a few tips. The article can help you learn how to reach out to customers interested in green products.
Source: Amanda C. Kooser,

Green Guide for New Business

If you would like to make your business more environment friendly, read this article. This is a 10-step list of ways to make your business green. This is useful for any business that wants to take some steps to be more environmentally friendly, even if their product is not a green product. The list also shows you how being green can save you money. Examples include conserving water or preventing pollution.

Starting a Business: Making a Green Business

In this video a small business owner talks about how his company tries to be green. He also talks about how being green helps his business save money and improves their reputation.
Source: eHow

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