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Mentor FAQs

How should I introduce myself?

We suggest that your initial message include an introduction of yourself, your business background and knowledge and also asks questions to better get to know the entrepreneur and his/her business challenge or opportunity.

What is the time commitment of a typical mentoring relationship?

Each relationship is different. Once you extend a mentoring offer, an entrepreneur will have 20 days to respond to your offer. After the offer is accepted and you have exchanged introductory messages, it will be up to you and your mentee how much time you spend on the challenges s/he is facing. Many times, the time commitment is driven by the complexity of the mentee’s business challenge. It is generally helpful to establish early on how much time you are able to commit to the relationship by week or month.

How do I best apply my expertise to the mentee's request?

Most people will be looking for entrepreneurial help so think about the experiences you’ve had in starting a business or project, growing a business or project, operational challenges or opportunities you’ve faced.

What if my mentee is not responsive?

Sometimes it takes time for the entrepreneurs to access their account as they may not have regular Internet access. They may also be busy growing their business.

How do I deal with language barriers or other communication issues?

Not everything you say in English may be understood in the same way, and it is helpful to be aware of cultural differences and to be sensitive to any possible miscommunication that sometimes arises when working with electronic messaging.

How do I end the relationship if it is not a good match?

In order to build a successful relationship, it is important to spend time to get to know each other and to clearly outline goals and expectations for the mentoring relationship. If you or your mentee decide that you are not able to meet your outlined objectives, be kind and courteous to end the relationship so that s/he can submit another mentor request.

What if my entrepreneur wants to communicate outside of INN?

Discuss with your mentee how you can best work together — for example, what form of communication you will both use, how often you might connect. You may find it easiest or most comfortable to communicate through ImagineNations Network private messaging — or you may be able to establish other means of communication, based on your comfort level and access to technology.

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