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Q. How do I get Financial and Foreign Partnership that we can do business together?

I need partners that we can do business together, that can even introduced new business lines and technology to me, that we can share visitations on marketable and creditable business, I want to rule the globe with my business ideas and product. Committed, reliable, Dependable, creditable and God fearing Partner. My business is backup with committed vision, to deliver product and services..

1 answer | on 3/5/12



Industry: Export/Import
Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Humza Mir

Humza Mir 

Islamabad, Pakistan

You sound like a person who's working towards a good vision, I am also mate! Lets talk about this business, I'm also beginning to setup some ideas and could use a good partner, contact me if you're interested mate:)

3 days ago

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