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ImagineNations Group and Yahoo! Join to Engage Young Entrepreneurs

ImagineNations Group and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) announced at the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting that they are joining to promote ImagineNations Network.

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ImagineNations Network Congratulates its 2011 Business Plan Competition Winner Kwame Kyei!

Kwame Kyei and the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative Take Home the $10,000 First Prize

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ImagineNations Network is a place where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses with help from supporters around the world.

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About ImagineNations Network

ImagineNations Network empowers emerging entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with help from supporters around the world.
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ImagineNations Network is built on a growing web of partners who are committed to addressing the challenge of global youth employment. is committed to serving the needs of its partners and helping them realize their full potential is central to that mission. believes its advantage shines through the success of its partners.
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A Platform for the E-Mentor Corps

E-Mentor Corps
E-Mentor Corps is an initiative from the Global Entrepreneurship Program at the U.S. Department of State, connecting mentors with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.
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